About Science Plus

SciencePlus Global Research Forum founded in 2011, comprises the world's most distinguished Engineers, Scientists and Academicians covering the entire spectrum of scientific disciplines. The aims and objects of the SciencePlus Global Research Forum are to promote and advance the practice of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research and their applications to problems of International importance.

SciencePlus also encourages inventions, investigations, and research in pursuit of excellence in the field of "Technology and Engineering". 

SciencePlus brings together scientists, researchers, students and academicians from all over the world who work professionally to upgrade the status of human society by their ideas and research Potential.

Its activities include programs on issues of technology policy and overall development for the benefit of society, and promotes research projects, pilot studies, engineering education, fellowships, scholarships, awards and other benefactions.

SciencePlus organizes International conferences, seminars, publishes Journals and books and carries out autonomous scientific and engineering research or collaborates with universities and state or private research centers and institutions. All our Science activities and upcoming conferences can be found from www.sciencplus.us only.

Among the aims and objects of the SciencePlus are:                     

  • To raise the standards of refereed scientific journals for the quality publication.
  • To encourage and promote the pursuit of excellence in the field of ‘Engineering and Science.
  • To produce genuine, realistic and qualitative innovations.
  • To build a team of renowned specialists on one platform throughout the world.
  • To encourage inventions, investigations and research and promote their applications for the development of both organized and unorganized sectors of national economy.
  • To institute and establish Professorships, Fellowships, Studentships, Scholarships, Awards and other benefactions.
  • To interact with Professional Bodies, Engineering and Scientific Academies, etc. across the globe.